Squawk codes 0000 to 0040

0000 SSR data unreliable
0001Height Monitoring Unit
0002Ground Transponder Testing
0003-0005Not allocated
0006British Transport Police ASU
0007Off-shore Safety Area (OSA) Conspicuity
0010Aircraft operating outside of Birmingham CAS and monitoring Birmingham Radar
0011Solent Monitoring Code
0012Aircraft operating outside of EGLL/EGLC/EGKK CAS and monitoring Thames/Gatwick Radar
0013Aircraft operating outside of Luton/Stansted CAS and monitoring Luton/Essex Radar
0014Kent Air Ambulance
0015Essex Air Ambulance
0016Thames Valley Air Ambulance
0017London Air Ambulance
0020Air Ambulance Helicopter Emergency Medivac
0021Fixed-wing aircraft (Receiving service from a ship)
0022Helicopter(s) (Receiving service from a ship)
0023Aircraft engaged in actual SAR Operations
0024Radar Flight Evaluation/Calibration
0025Not allocated
0026Special Tasks (Mil) – activated under Special Flight Notification (SFN)
0027London AC (Swanwick) Ops Crossing/Joining CAS
0030FIR Lost
0031An aircraft receiving a radar service from Scottish D & D centre
0032Aircraft engaged in police air support operations
0033Aircraft Paradropping
0034Antenna trailing/target towing
0035Selected Flights – Helicopters
0036Helicopter Pipeline/Powerline Inspection Flights
0037Royal Flights – Helicopters
0040Civil Helicopters North Sea

Squawk codes 0041 to 0061

0041-0042 Greater Manchester Police ASU
0043-0044Metropolitan Police ASU
0045Sussex Police ASU
0046Essex Police ASU
0047Surrey Police ASU
0050Chiltern Police ASU (Western Base)
0051Chiltern Police ASU (Eastern Base)
0052Norfolk Police ASU
0052West Yorkshire Police ASU
0053Suffolk Police ASU
0053South Yorkshire Police ASU
0054Cambridgeshire Police ASU
0054Merseyside Police ASU
0054South and East Wales Police ASU
0055Cleveland Police ASU
0055Cheshire Police ASU
0056Northumbria Police ASU
0056North Midlands Police ASU
0057Strathclyde Police ASU
0057Humberside Police ASU
0057East Midlands Police ASU
0060West Midlands Police ASU
0061Lancashire Police ASU

Squawk codes 0062 to 0377

0062-0077No 1 Air Control Centre
0100NATO – CAOC 9 Exercises (activated by NOTAM)
0101-0117Transit (ORCAM) Brussels
0120-0137Transit (ORCAM) Germany
0140-0177Transit (ORCAM) Amsterdam
0200NATO – CAOC 9 Exercises (activated by NOTAM)
0201-0213TC Stansted/TC Luton
0201-0217RAF Leuchars
0201-0257Ireland Domestic
0201-0257RNAS Yeovilton
0220RAF Leuchars Conspicuity
0220-0237RAF Shawbury
0221-0247RAF Leuchars
0224-0243England Radar
0240RAF Shawbury Conspicuity
0241-0246RAF Shawbury
0244North Denes Conspicuity
0245-0267 England Radar
0247Cranfield Airport – IFR Conspicuity Purposes
0260Liverpool Airport Conspicuity
0260-0261Coventry Airport Conspicuity
0260-0261Oil Survey Helicopters – Faeroes/Iceland Gap
0260-0267Westland Helicopters Yeovil
0260-0267RAF Northolt
0261-0267Liverpool Airport
0270-0277Superdomestic – Ireland to UK, Germany and Benelux
0300NATO – CAOC 9 Exercises (activated by NOTAM)
0301-0377Transit (ORCAM) UK

Squawk codes 0400 to 0777

0400NATO – CAOC 9 Exercises (activated by NOTAM)
0401 RAF Leeming Conspicuity
0401Shoreham Approach Procedural
0401-0420 Birmingham Approach
0401-0430Exeter Approach
0401-0437Ireland Domestic
0401-0467RAF Lakenheath
0402-0416RAF Leeming
0421-0446Farnborough Radar/LARS
0427 RAF Leeming (Topcliffe) Conspicuity
0430-0443Edinburgh Approach
0447Farnborough LARS – Blackbushe Departures
0450-0456Blackpool Approach
0450-0456Farnborough Radar/LARS
0457Blackpool Approach (Liverpool Bay and Morecambe Bay Helicopters)
0457Farnborough LARS – Fairoaks Departures
0460-0466Blackpool Approach
0460-0467Farnborough Radar/LARS
0467Blackpool Approach (Liverpool Bay and Morecambe Bay Helicopters)
0470-0477UK Domestic
0500NATO – CAOC 9 Exercises (activated by NOTAM)
0501-0577Transit (ORCAM) UK
0600NATO – CAOC 9 Exercises (activated by NOTAM)
0601-0637Transit (ORCAM) Germany
0640-0677Transit (ORCAM) Paris
0700NATO – CAOC 9 Exercises (activated by NOTAM)
0701-0777Transit (ORCAM) Maastricht

Squawk codes 1000 to 2777

1000.IFR GAT flights operating in designated Mode S Airspace
1001-1077Transit (ORCAM) Spain
1100NATO – CAOC 9 Exercises (activated by NOTAM)
1101-1137Transit (ORCAM) Rhein
1140-1177Transit (ORCAM) UK
1177London AC (Swanwick) FIS
1200NATO – CAOC 9 Exercises (activated by NOTAM)
1201-1277Channel Islands Domestic
1300NATO – CAOC 9 Exercises (activated by NOTAM)
1301-1327 NATO – Air Policing – Quick Reaction Alert
1330-1357Transit (ORCAM) Bremen
1360-1377Transit (ORCAM) Munich
1400NATO – CAOC 9 Exercises (activated by NOTAM)
1401-1407UK Domestic
1410-1437Superdomestic – Shannon to UK
1440-1477Superdomestic – Dublin to UK
1500-1577NATO – CAOC 9 Exercises (activated by NOTAM)
1601-1677NATO – CAOC 9 Exercises (activated by NOTAM)
1701-1727NATO – CAOC 9 Exercises (activated by NOTAM)
1730-1746Newquay Approach
1730-1756RAF Coningsby
1730-1767RAF Spadeadam
1747Newquay Conspicuity
1757RAF Coningsby Conspicuity
1760-1777RAF Coningsby
1760-1777RNAS Yeovilton Fighter Control
2000Aircraft from non SSR environment or on the aerodrome surface
2001-2077Transit (ORCAM) Shannon
2100NATO – CAOC 9 Exercises (activated by NOTAM)
2101-2177Transit (ORCAM) Amsterdam
2200NATO – CAOC 9 Exercises (activated by NOTAM)
2201-2277Superdomestic UK to LF, LE, LP, GC and FA
2300NATO – CAOC 9 Exercises (activated by NOTAM)
2301-2337Transit (ORCAM) Bordeaux
2340-2377Transit (ORCAM) Brest
2400-2477NATO – CAOC 9 Exercises (activated by NOTAM)
2500NATO – CAOC 9 Exercises (activated by NOTAM)
2501-2577Transit (ORCAM) Karlsruhe
2600.NATO – CAOC 9 Exercises (activated by NOTAM)
2601-2620Aberdeen Approach
2601-2637RAF Cranwell
2601-2645MoD Boscombe Down
2601-2657Irish Domestic Westbound departures and Eastbound arrivals
2621-2630Aberdeen (Sumburgh Approach)
2631-2637Aberdeen (Northern North Sea Off-shore)
2640-2657Aberdeen (Northern North Sea Off-shore – Sumburgh Sector)
2641-2642RAF Cranwell – Lincolnshire AIAA
2646-2647MoD Boscombe Down – High Risks Trial
2650MoD Boscombe Down Conspicuity
2650-2653Leeds Bradford Approach
2651-2657MoD Boscombe Down
2654Leeds Bradford Conspicuity
2655-2677Leeds Bradford Approach
2660-2675Middle Wallop
2660-2677Aberdeen (Northern North Sea Off-shore)
2676-2677Middle Wallop Conspicuity
2700NATO – CAOC 9 Exercises (activated by NOTAM)
2701-2737Transit (ORCAM) Shannon
2740-2777Transit (ORCAM) Zurich

Squawk codes 3000 to 3777

3000NATO – Aircraft receiving a service from AEW aircraft
3001-3077Transit (ORCAM) Zurich
3100NATO – Aircraft receiving a service from AEW aircraft
3101-3127Transit (ORCAM) Germany
3130-3177Transit (ORCAM) Amsterdam
3200NATO – Aircraft receiving a service from AEW aircraft
3201-3202UK Domestic (London TC (Swanwick) Special Sector Codes)  
3203-3216UK Domestic (London AC (Swanwick) Special Sector Codes)  
3217-3220UK Domestic
3221-3257Superdomestic – UK to Oceanic via Shannon/Dublin
3260-3277UK Domestic
3300NATO – Aircraft receiving a service from AEW aircraft
3301-3304Swanwick (Military) Special Tasks
3305-3307London D&D Cell
3310-3367Swanwick (Military)
3370-3377UK Domestic
3400 NATO – Aircraft receiving a service from AEW aircraft
3401-3457Superdomestic – UK to Germany, Netherlands and Benelux
3460-3477Transit (ORCAM) Germany to UK
3500 NATO – Aircraft receiving a service from AEW aircraft
3501-3507Transit (ORCAM) Luxembourg
3510-3537Transit (ORCAM) Maastricht
3540-3577Transit (ORCAM) Berlin
3600NATO – Aircraft receiving a service from AEW aircraft
3601-3623RAF Benson
3601-3632Scottish ATSOCA Purposes
3601-3634RAF Waddington
3601-3644Cardiff Approach
3601-3647Jersey Approach
3624RAF Benson Conspicuity
3640-3645RAF Odiham
3640-3665RAF Marham
3640-3677Aberdeen (Northern North Sea Off-shore)
3641-3677BAe Warton
3645 Cardiff Approach – St Athan Conspicuity
3646RAF Odiham Conspicuity
3646-3657Cardiff Approach
3647-3653RAF Odiham  
3660-3677Solent Approach (Southampton)
3666Solent Radar Conspicuity
3666 RAF Marham – Visual Recovery
3667RAF Marham – FIS Conspicuity
3667-3677Solent Approach (Southampton)
3700NATO – Aircraft receiving a service from AEW aircraft
3701-3710Norwich Approach
3701-3710BAe Woodford
3701-3717Military aircraft under service from RN AEW aircraft in South West Approaches
3701-3736RAF Brize Norton
3701-3747Guernsey Approach
3701-3747RAF Lossiemouth
3711Woodford Entry/Exit Lane (Woodford Inbounds and Outbounds)
3712Woodford Entry/Exit Lane (Manchester Inbounds)
3713Manchester VFR/SVFR (Outbounds)
3720RAF Cottesmore Conspicuity
3720-3727RAF Valley
3720-3766Newcastle Approach
3721-3754RAF Cottesmore
3730-3736RAF Valley
3737RAF Valley – Visual Recovery  
3737RAF Brize Norton Approach Conspicuity
3740-3745RAF Brize Norton
3740-3747RAF Valley
3750RAF Valley – VFR VATA East
3750-3763Gatwick Approach (TC)
3751RAF Valley – VFR VATA West
3752RAF Valley – RIFA
3753RAF Valley – Low Level Helicopters
3754RAF Valley – Special Tasks
3755RAF Valley
3755-3762RAF Wittering Approach
3756-3765RAF Valley – VATA IFR Traffic
3764-3767Gatwick Tower
3767Redhill Approach Conspicuity
3767Newcastle Approach Conspicuity

Squawk codes 4000 to 4777

4000 NATO – Aircraft receiving a service from AEW aircraft
4001-4077Transit (ORCAM) Aix-en-Provence
4100NATO – Aircraft receiving a service from AEW aircraft
4101-4127Transit (ORCAM) Frankfurt
4130-4177Transit (ORCAM) Dusseldorf
4200NATO – Aircraft receiving a service from AEW aircraft
4201-4214Heathrow Domestic
4215-4247Superdomestic – Shannon inbound UK
4250 Manston Conspicuity
4250-4257Belfast City Approach
4250-4267Aberdeen Approach
4250-4277BAe Bristol Filton
4250-4277Humberside Approach
4251-4267Manston Approach
4300NATO – Aircraft receiving a service from AEW aircraft
4301-4307UK Domestic
4310-4323UK Domestic (Gatwick Special Sector Codes)
4324-4337UK Domestic (Scottish Special Sector Codes)
4340-4353UK Domestic (SCoACC Special Sector Codes)
4354-4377UK Domestic
4400NATO – Aircraft receiving a service from AEW aircraft
4401-4427Superdomestic – Brussels FIR to UK FIR
4430-4477Superdomestic – UK to Eire and Oceanic
4500NATO – Aircraft receiving a service from AEW aircraft
4501Wattisham Conspicuity
4501-4515RAF Lyneham
4501-4520Prestwick Approach
4501-4547RAF Linton-on-Ouse
4502-4547Wattisham Approach
4516-4517RAF Lyneham Conspicuity
4520-4524RAF Lyneham
4530-4542MoD Aberporth
4530-4567Plymouth (Military) Radar
4550-4567Isle of Man
4550-4572East Midlands Approach
4573East Midlands Approach Conspicuity
4574Not allocated
4575RAF Leeming/RAF Linton-on-Ouse  
4575Southend Airport Conspicuity
4576-4577RAF Colerne Conspicuity
4576-4577Vale of York AIAA Conspicuity
4600NATO – Aircraft receiving a service from AEW aircraft
4601Hawarden Conspicuity
4601RAF Wyton QGH Approach
4602-4607Hawarden Approach
4610-4667Scottish (Military) Radar  
4670-4676TC Stansted/TC Luton
4670-4677RAF Coningsby RWS
4677Carlisle Airport Conspicuity
4677Luton Airport Tower Conspicuity
4700NATO – Aircraft receiving a service from AEW aircraft
4701-4777Special Events (activated by NOTAM)

Squawk codes 5000 to 6777

5000NATO – Aircraft receiving a service from AEW aircraft
5001-5012TC Non-Standard Flights
5013-5017UK Domestic
5020-5046Farnborough HOME
5047Farnborough HOMES Conspicuity
5050-5067Bristol Approach
5070Bristol VFR Conspicuity
5071-5077Bristol Approach
5100NATO – Aircraft receiving a service from AEW aircraft
5101-5177CRC Boulmer
5200NATO – Aircraft receiving a service from AEW aircraft
5201-5260Transit (ORCAM) UK
5261-5270Transit (ORCAM) Dublin to Europe
5271-5277Transit (ORCAM) Channel Islands
5300NATO – Aircraft receiving a service from AEW aircraft
5301-5377Transit (ORCAM) Barcelona
5400NATO – Aircraft receiving a service from AEW aircraft
5401-5477UK Domestic
5500NATO – Aircraft receiving a service from AEW aircraft
5501-5577Transit (ORCAM) Barcelona
5600NATO – Aircraft receiving a service from AEW aircraft
5601-5647Transit (ORCAM) Paris
5650-5657Transit (ORCAM) Luxembourg
5660-5677Transit (ORCAM) Reims
5700NATO – Aircraft receiving a service from AEW aircraft
5701-5777Transit (ORCAM) Geneva
6000NATO – CAOC 9 Exercises  
6001-6007UK Domestic
6010-6037UK Domestic
6040-6077London (Military) Radar
6100NATO – CAOC 9 Exercises
6101-6107London (Military) Radar
6110-6137Scottish (Military) Radar
6140-6147London (Military) Radar
6151-6157Scottish (Military) Radar
6160Doncaster Sheffield Conspicuity
6160-6176Cambridge Approach
6160-6176Inverness Approach
6160-6177Plymouth (Military) Radar
6161-6167Doncaster Sheffield Approach
6170Aircraft operating outside of Doncaster Sheffield Controlled Airspace Zone and Monitoring Doncaster Sheffield Radar frequency
6171-6177Doncaster Sheffield Approach
6177Cambridge Conspicuity
6177Inverness VFR Conspicuity
6200NATO – CAOC 9 Exercises  
6201-6227Superdomestic – Dublin inbound UK
6230-6247Superdomestic – UK to Scandinavia and Russia
6250-6257Superdomestic – UK to Amsterdam
6260-6277Superdomestic – Amsterdam to UK, Eire and Iceland
6300NATO – CAOC 9 Exercises  
6301-6377Superdomestic – UK to France
6400NATO – CAOC 9 Exercises
6401-6457Swanwick (Military) Radar
6460-6477UK Domestic
6500NATO – CAOC 9 Exercises  
6501-6577CRC Scampton
6600NATO – CAOC 9 Exercises
6601-6677Transit (ORCAM) Germany
6700NATO – CAOC 9 Exercises
6701-6747Transit (ORCAM) Reims
6750-6777Transit (ORCAM) Aix-en-Provence

Squawk codes 7000 to 7777

7000 General Conspicuity code
7001 Military Fixed-wing Low Level Conspicuity/Climbout
7002 Danger Areas General
7003 Red Arrows Transit/Display
7004Conspicuity Aerobatics and Display
7005High-Energy Manoeuvres
7006 Autonomous Operations within TRA and TRA (G)
7007 Open Skies Observation Aircraft
7010Operating in Aerodrome Traffic Pattern
7011-7013Not allocated
7014-7027UK Domestic
7030-7045RNAS Culdrose
7030-7046TC Thames/TC Heathrow
7030-7047Aldergrove Approach
7030-7066Teesside International Airport
7030-7077Aberdeen (Northern North Sea Off-shore)
7046-7047RNAS Culdrose Conspicuity
7047TC Thames (Biggin Hill Airport Conspicuity)
7050-7056TC Thames/TC Heathrow
7057TC Thames (London City Airport Conspicuity)
7050-7077RNAS Culdrose
7067Teesside International Airport Conspicuity
7070-7076TC Thames/TC Heathrow
7077TC Thames (London Heliport Conspicuity)
7100London Control (Swanwick) Saturation Code
7101-7177Transit (ORCAM) Brussels
7200RN Ships
7201-7247Transit (ORCAM) Vienna
7250-7257UK Superdomestic for destinations in France and Barcelona FIR
7260-7267Superdomestic – Shannon/Dublin to France and Spain
7270-7277Plymouth Radar Superdomestic for destinations in UK and France
7300Not allocated
7301-7307Superdomestic – Shannon Eastbound landing UK
7310-7327Superdomestic – UK to Netherlands
7330-7347Superdomestic – Netherlands to UK
7350Norwich Approach Conspicuity
7350-7361MoD Ops in EG D701 (Hebrides)
7350-7365Manchester Approach
7350-7367RNAS Culdrose
7350-7376Bournemouth Approach/LARS
7351-7377Norwich Approach
7362MoD Ops in EG D702 (Fort George)
7363MoD Ops in EG D703 (Tain)
7367-7373Manchester Approach
7374Dundee Airport Conspicuity
7375Manchester TMA and Woodvale Local Area (Woodvale UAS Conspicuity)
7377Bournemouth Radar Conspicuity
7400MPA/DEFRA/Fishery Protection Conspicuity
7401-7437UK Domestic
7440-7477Superdomestic Spain and France to UK, Ireland, Iceland and North America
7500Special Purpose Code – Hi-Jacking
7501-7537Transit (ORCAM) Geneva
7540-7547Transit (ORCAM) Bremen
7550-7577Transit (ORCAM) Paris
7600Special Purpose Code – Radio Failure
7601-7607Superdomestic – Shannon/Dublin to Nordic States
7610-7617Superdomestic – Ireland to UK
7620-7657Superdomestic – UK to USA, Canada and Caribbean
7660-7677Superdomestic – UK to USA, Canada, Canaries and Caribbean
7700Special Purpose Code – Emergency
7701-7717Superdomestic – UK to France and Spain
7720-7727Transit (ORCAM) Munich
7730-7757Superdomestic – Shannon Eastbound landing UK
7760-7775Superdomestic – UK to Channel Islands
7776-7777SSR Monitors