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Online Aircraft Tracking

Skyscanworld is a UK-based aircraft tracking system, covering the Uk along with the world.
We host our very own satellite feed for transatlantic aircraft tracking meaning it’s possible to track a flight directly from the US to the UK and beyond.


ADS-C a very unique service we offer is the Alphasat and Inmarsat satellite feeds, these allow tracking of aircraft for transatlantic flights, this system could also be used should the aircraft be unable to use the onboard ADSB transponder, the aircraft system will default to the Satellite feed.

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Sky Scan World Satellite
Sky Scan World
Sky Scan World

Skyscanworld Aircraft Tracking

Skyscanworld can track various aircraft with transponder that transmit ADSB & FLARM

We also have our very own “isky_scan” client software, this is a special software that can be installed on a RPi feeder meaning easy setup for the end user, this we can then us for  to contribute towards our Radar service

We also offer a free Subscription service should you “feed” to our Radar service

Our software allows you to filter, show Military, airline operator, callsigns and many more features

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Sky Scan World
Sky Scan World

Feeding Our Aircraft Tracking

We have our own network of Feeders as well as member contributing in the UK to ensure our Aircraft tracking radar has fantastic world coverage, the more feeds and contributors we have the greater the coverage.

For our world coverage we use members feeds that have kindly offered to feed us, this is also further improved by our feed from ADSB Hub and we kindly thank ADSB for the permission to do so.

If you wish to feed to us to add to our fast-growing Radar Service please contact us using the button below.

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